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Haven’t touched wordpress for so long. So here is the deal. I post stuff I want, you read my stuff. I might review or comment or rant on somethings or not. I will post these stuff in my crappy English, mind you. So yeah, here we go my first post. Enjoy.

Sorry for bad English and descriptive vocabulary, still practising this language.

A short review on “Heavy Object” a Light Novel series by Kazuma Kamachi.

Heavy Object is a series written by Kazuma Kamachi, also known as the author of the famous A Certain Magical Index series. The series was written with the setting timed in a not-so-distant future where the UN has collapsed and Four main alliances were made by different countries after the collapse of the UN. These four alliances would be known as the Legitimacy Kingdom, the Information Alliance, the Faith Organization,  and the Capitalist Corporations. All 4 different world powers held different views on how politics should be handled and each world powers contained a lot of countries that joined up because of their shared view on things. The Legitimacy Kingdom was filled with countries that believed in the importance of blood lines in politics, The Infromation Alliance believed that knowledge is power, thus the people that have a lot of information should be able to control the politics to an extent, the Faith Organization is comprised of Theocratic countries that believed that their Gods should lead them to where they should be, and last but not least is the Capitalist Corporations where they believed that the man who controls money controls the people. In the series each world powers would emerge themselves in small scale territory wars all over the world using the technology called ‘Object’. An ‘Object’ is a giant mechanised weapon that held a huge amount of firepower that was made similar to that of a tank with bigger guns(that’s right guns) and sturdier body that could withstand a nuclear bomb. The Object is swift, huge, and deadly; an avatar of fear itself for the soldiers who witnessed the horrors of the weapon. The story moves along to the lives of a certain battlefield student and a certain heir to a certain house from the Legitimacy Kingdom. Both of them would later on be depicted as someone who are able to out do the Objects which threatens their survival in the battlefield.

Overall the story was well made as expected of Kazuma-sensei. The characters are easy to emphatise with, a lot of simple explanations were scattered here and there and the flow of each battle feels fine. A bit of a downside of the story is the unpredictability of the next volume. No one really knows how the story would end or continue. Because of the way each volume was set up only as an expansion to the Heavy Object lore, the series might feel endless because of the weight of the plot feeling less heavier than his other works.(oh the irony!) Compared to A Certain Magical Index, or The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village, Heavy Object is a series with less weight on the main plot, but more on the sub plots each volume represents. All in all Heav Object is a good series, especially if you are in to the light stuff that does not require you to think back too much on the main story, but if you like a story that connects heavily with each other, I would still recommend you to read it but you might finish the series with a slight unsatisfied feeling left in our mouth, much like an unsalted egg.